Animal Control

Photo of the Seekonk Animal Shelter (PNG)

The Animal Control Officer is the local animal care and control professional. This person helps the public deal with problems caused by animals. This person also works with other local agencies, such as social services and law enforcement, to protect all members of families, both two-legged and four-legged. Long gone are the term "dogcatcher" and the image of a man with a butterfly net.

Animal care and control professionals now perform a variety of services that help animals as well as people:

  • Rescuing injured animals
  • Controlling stray and potentially dangerous animals roaming at large
  • Bringing lost pets to an animal shelter where their owners can reclaim them

The Animal Control Officer works to protect stray, injured, abused, and unwanted animals. This person has different job titles in different communities - animal control officer, animal services officer, humane officer, humane investigator, animal warden - but is the one who responds to calls about neglected or lost animals, and is often the first person to provide comfort and compassion to animals in need.

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