Plowing & Snow

Snow Plowing & Related Information

  • A parking ban is in effect for every winter storm, even for small amounts of snow. Vehicles obstructing the plowing operation will be removed at the owner’s expense. (Seekonk Police Department Violation # 17)
  • Main and secondary roads are the primary concern during and immediately following a storm event, and are plowed first.
  • We do not plow side streets and plats every storm. Typically they are plowed after 2 or more inches of snow falls.
  • Please be patient, we can only plow one street at a time and it can take up to 8 hours to complete snow plowing after it stops snowing. Platted areas and side streets will be plowed only after all main and secondary roads have been cleared.
  • It is illegal to put snow back on the road. Do not shovel, blow, or plow snow into the street. There is a $150 fine per violation.  (Seekonk By-Law category 19)
  • If you have an emergency call 911. They will contact Public Works, and we can dispatch the proper equipment to facilitate the emergency.
  • It is the Town’s policy that we do not repair mailboxes knocked over by plowed snow.
  • It is the Town’s policy that we do not repair sprinklers placed in the Town's right-of-way that may be damaged during a plowing operation.
  • If it snows on your trash day, place your recycling bins and trash bags away from the edge of the road. We do not plow around bins and bags and we cannot stop to pick up spilled bins or trash bags. Our primary objective is to open the road to its full width.
  • Please do not assume that trash collection will be delayed due to a snowstorm or snow emergency. If there is a delay in trash & recycling collection, there will be an announcement on our phone line at 508-336-7407. We do not go back to pick up trash and recycling that was not out on time- it will have to be put out for collection the following week.
  • We do not return to plow a street where a vehicle was parked during the plowing operation.
  • We do not make special accommodations to plow out doctors, nurses, police, or other professionals. This practice would severely lengthen and hamper our overall snow plow operation.
  • Please move all basketball hoops or other obstructions off of and away from the road. The Town will not repair or replace any broken equipment left in the Town right-of-way. If the obstruction damages our vehicle, the owner will be responsible for the repair of the vehicle that was damaged. (Seekonk By-Law category 36)

Additional Information

In general, our main objective is to plow main and secondary roads, assure that emergency vehicles have access to any road where a true emergency condition exists, and safely clear snow off roads for vehicle use. Drivers are reminded to drive to the conditions of the road. There will be many instances where plowing to bare pavement cannot be achieved.