Conflict of Interest

The State Ethics Commission requires that all municipalities distribute the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees each year to comply with the conflict of interest law mandatory education and training requirements. As a result, below please find a PDF of the latest version of the "Conflict of Interest Law Summary for Municipal Employees". The last page of the summary has an acknowledgment form that should be signed and returned to the Town Clerk's Office by all Town of Seekonk employees, committee members, and board members.

View the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees (PDF).

In addition, public employees (inclusive of town employees, committee members, and board members) are required to complete the online Conflict of Interest Law (Municipal) training every two years.

View the SkillBurst Training Website

Please make sure your audio is enabled either through a headset or speakers and your pop-up blockers are disabled. It is suggested that you do not use Google Chrome to run this online training program. Instead, web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari are suggested. Do not use a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet to complete the training program. Should you or your employees have any difficulty, please contact the Town Clerk.

When done with your online training please print the certificate of completion and forward to the Town Clerk's Office.

All employees must provide the Town Clerk's Office with an acknowledgment of receipt for both:

  • The Summary of Conflict of Interest Law (above Conflict of Interest Acknowledgement)
  • Online completion certificate for the web-based training.

The Town Clerk's Office is required to maintain the receipts, as a public record, for six years.