540 Arcade Avenue Phase II Building Committee


  • As needed


  • Michelle Hines, Chairperson
  • Noah Escaler, Vice Chairperson
  • Brittney Faria, Clerk
  • Jack Vatcher, Member
  • Christopher Zorra, Member

About the Committee

On November 18, 2019, the Town voted to appropriate $1,477,938, or any other amount, to pay the costs of designing, planning, constructing, and furnishing Phase II of the renovation of 540 Arcade Avenue, a building owned by the Town. The Town further authorized the Moderator to appoint a committee of 7 to 9 members to oversee this project, under the direction of the Board of Selectmen.

On November 19, 2018, the Town voted to establish a building committee of five members, three to be appointed by the Town Moderator and two to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen, to oversee renovations to 540 Arcade Avenue, Phase II, under the direction of the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen, to include, but not be limited to planning and design for completion of the building and researching and applying for grants that may become available from time to time, or take any other action relative thereto.


  • Appointed By: Selectmen (2), Moderator (3)
  • Members: Five
  • Term: Project Term, reappointment every three years
  • Meeting Schedule: As needed
  • Legal Basis: Town Charter Article 8, Section 5; Town By-Laws Category 1